The Chat Times

The Chat Times are social menus to help children engage each other in conversation.  Here are the first five issues of The Chat Times. They're free and easy to download, print, copy and cut!  Use them to get children talking in a fun, school-appropriate way.  

Click here to download the first five issues Chat Times

social menus 1-3.jpg

Here's a Remaking Recess "Booklet" that describes the program.  It's a great introduction to Remaking Recess and has lots of hands-on strategies you can start using right away.

Download the file and share!


Peer Engagement Poster


Some children may struggle to engage with peers at recess. Typical elementary school students are engaged with peers 60% or more of the time at recess.  Children who are consistently engaged with peers less than 60% of the time at recess may be experiencing social difficulties. Work to help children engage and have fun together.  Get creative!

Get the Peer Engagement Poster for your classroom!